Review of Young fathers Tape One

tape-oneTape One is an offering from Young fathers, a trio that has established itself as a hip hop band with a difference in 2013. When Tape One was first launched in 2011, it was available as a free download on the internet. Now that it has the backing of Anticon, the music album is sure to reach to a very high number of music lovers. It is music that deserves to be heard by more people really.

Anticon is California based and has earlier looked at UK to sign groups with names like SJ Esau and Bracken already in its list of UK bands. However, Young Fathers is a feather in the cap of this label. The trio of Young fathers includes Liberian Alloysious, Nigerian Kayus, and Edinburgh local Hastings who analyze the rap songs produced in the last 30 years and churn out a unique blend that is truly international having influences from diverse cultural backgrounds.

When one hears the offering from the trio, he is reminded of earlier rap products but soon realizes that there is a fusion of cultures that has never been seen or heard before. To some, it is inevitable given the upbringings of the trio but the manner in which the music of their different worlds fuses together and produces a unique blend is what has been the USP of the band.

There have been many rappers in the long list of singers signed by Anticon in yesteryears. Music reviews include Saul Williams, De La Soul, Shabazz Palaces, and so on. However, it has always been a single voice at a time. It is for the first time that a trio as diverse as Young Fathers has sung at the same platform of Anticon.

It takes just one listening of the soulful rendition by the trio for the songs to get imprinted on the memory of the listener. It is not just the composition but the meaningful lyrics of Young Fathers that mesmerizes listeners.